Can Someone Find Out My Exact Physical Location With Just My Cell Phone Number

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After all, if anyone can lookup your number and find out your personal information, you may be worried that they can trace your location.

Before you stress yourself over a complete stranger, or someone else whom you never want to hear from again, being able to trace your location with your cell number, you should know that a reverse wireless number search cannot reveal your exact physical location. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that there is no way for a person to find out where you are calling them from, or know where you are when you cell phone is on.

Even though your mobile phone has GPS technology, it is there only for the purpose of enabling emergency services the ability to pinpoint your physical location, so they can respond faster and with more accuracy. Hence, the only people who can track your exact location are emergency responders, and this is only activated when you dial 911.

That being said, if someone decides to search your cell phone number, they can be provided with your other location details, such as:

- The name of the state in which you reside. This information is free and is revealed through the area code of your number. Every code is assigned to a geographical region.
- The city associated with your number's prefix. The prefix or exchange number are the three digits that follow the area code, and can provide the name of the city it is associated with. This detail can also be provided at no cost.
- Billing address. This would be information that a searcher would have to pay for, but a person can be provided with the billing address your cell phone carrier has on record. Thus, if this address happens to be your place of residence, a person may learn this fact.

Nevertheless, there is no need to feel concerned about someone being able to trace your precise location through a reverse phone lookup, because this is not possible.

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Can Someone Find Out My Exact Physical Location With Just My Cell Phone Number

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This article was published on 2011/01/09